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"Was there any nostral penetration?"
George Costanza in The Pick

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Nelonen on esittänyt Seinfeldin kaikki jaksot ja lopettanut uusinnat.

25.9.2000 (Äänestys tulokset)

Äänestys on päättynyt. Tulokset luettavissa täällä.

14.9.2000 (Lisää Larry Davidin sarjasta)

Tässä vielä yksi mielenkiintoinen artikkeli Larry Davidin uudesta sarjasta.

Indianapolis Star:

Few people in this life ever paint their masterpiece, that is, do work so extraordinary that they almost certainly will never reach that level of achievement again -- so most of us always have something to strive for. But those who reach the pinnacle, like Michael Jordan or Woodward and Bernstein, whose reporting brought down a president, must spend the rest of their lives wondering what to do for an encore.

And if you're Larry David, co-creator and writer of Seinfeld -- maybe the greatest TV comedy of all time but certainly of the past 30 years -- you also have to consider that you'll never top yourself.

David's method of coping with that notion, apparently, is by trying not to think about the task at hand. "I don't feel it's daunting at all," says David, whose new show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, premieres in October on HBO. "I'm actually looking forward to it. The show is different enough that I don't think it's going to be compared to Seinfeld. But if so, I can live with it."

It's wholly unrealistic to think that David can do anything that won't be compared to a show as brilliantly written and performed as Seinfeld. But to his credit, he's trying something different. Curb Your Enthusiasm, a follow-up to his 1999 HBO mock documentary of the same name, is an improvisational comedy based on his life. The actors have a five- to seven-page outline and an idea of where the scene is supposed to go. But the words are their responsibility.

"Sometimes it takes a lot of takes for it to evolve," says David, the model for Seinfeld 's neurotic George Costanza. "Whereas maybe if I'd written it, I would have the right tack maybe a little quicker. But there's such an upside to all of it. It just seems what it is, which is spontaneous. The lines are made up right on the spot."

The show isn't written in his mind, he says. "I don't think about the scenes at all before I do them. I have an outline, and then we know what has to be accomplished. But I'm not thinking of jokes or stuff like that. In fact, you'll notice that there are not too many jokes at all in the show."

Clips from the show, shown to the Television Critics Association press tour here, found David's character, also called Larry David, dealing with a variety of common problems -- parking, getting along with a neurotic friend (Richard Lewis) and dealing with neighbors.

The last of those resulted in a guest appearance by Seinfeld 's Julia Louis-Dreyfus. In the show, David says, he wants to bury a utility wire in his back yard, but he needs consent from his neighbors. But one won't grant permission unless they get to meet the actress who played Elaine.

The scene is based on a real-life incident, David says, though the people actually only wanted to meet him, not Dreyfus. But like all the situations in Curb, it stems from his own experiences. If Seinfeld was a show about nothing, this is a show about Larry David. "Which is pretty close to nothing," he says.

"I'm not sure of this," David told critics, "but I might be the first bald man to actually be starring in a comedy since Phil Silvers. Now, I haven't researched it, so if anybody has any information to the contrary, please bring it to my attention." Someone suggested Charles Dutton. "The first white, bald man," responded Robert Weide, the new show's supervising producer. Someone called out James Coco. "The first white, thin, bald man," Weide said. How about Michael Chiklis? "The first white, bald, Jewish man," Weide offered. Herschel Bernardi. "All right," David said. "That's enough."

13.9.2000 (Larry Davidin uusi sarja)

Larry Davidin uusi sarja Curb Your Enthusiasm alkaa USA:ssa ensi kuussa. Tässä muutama artikkeli aiheesta.

New York Magazine:

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO; premieres October 15, 9:30-10 p.m.; at 10 p.m. thereafter) If you didn't know better, you might have thought the 1999 HBO special by the same name was a brilliant, hilarious documentary tracing Larry David's life after Seinfeld, which he co-created and in which his personality appeared thinly veiled in the guise of George Costanza. But it was even funnier if you knew that this was just another one of David's dark comic fictions, this time starring himself as himself: a guy who seethes with anxiety and frustration over everything. The saga continues, with Jeff Garlin back as David's manager and Cheryl Hines as his chirpy wife. If the series maintains half the quality of the special, it's worth getting premium cable for this show alone.

N.Y. Times:

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: One of the wildest and most promising new series of the season. It is the creation of Larry David, the comic mind behind many of the greatest episodes of "Seinfeld" and is improvised from basic story lines. Mr. David plays himself as a stand-up comic surrounded by dysfunctional, loony friends. It sounds like "Seinfeld," but it's much different -- after all, it's on cable. HBO, starting Oct. 15.
30.8.2000 (Äänestys)

Äänestys avattu.

23.8.2000 (Seinfeldin uusinnat loppuvat)

Myös Seinfeldin uusinnat loppuvat tältä erää, kun sarjan viimeinen osa on esitetty 30.8.

21.5.2000 (Micheal Richards Show)

NBC on julkaissut ensi syksyn ohjelmakalenterin. Michael Richardsin uusi vielä nimeämätön komediasarja aloittaa NBC:n tiistai-illan komediaputken. Valitettavasti Jackie Chiles showta ei löydy ohjelmistosta. On toki silti vielä mahdollista, että se alkaa jollakin muulla kanavalla.

17.1.2000 (Jerry Stiller uudessa sarjassa)

Nelosella alkaa tiistaina 18.1. kello 20.30 uusi komediasarja Kellarin kunkku (The King of Queens), josta voi bongata Seinfeldistä tutun Jerry Stillerin (Frank Costanza). Lisätietoa sarjasta vaikka Nelosen sivuilta täältä.

27.12.1999 (Jerry Seinfeld naimisiin)

Jerry Seinfeld meni eilen naimisiin morsiamensa Jessica Sklarin kanssa. Lisätietoa täältä.

23.11.1999 (Jason Alexanderin uusi sarja)

Jason Alexander on tehnyt sopimuksen 20th Century Fox Televisionin kanssa uudesta komediasarjasta. Sopimus takaa Alexanderille päätäntävallan uuden sarjan sisällöstä ja n. 200,000 dollaria jaksolta. Alexander on sanonut haluavansa "oikean" George Costanzan eli Larry Davidin mukaan projektiin, mutta tämä on epätodennäköistä koska David on itsekin saamassa omaa sarjaa HBO-yhtiöltä. Alexanderin sarja alkaa USA:ssa todennäköisesti syksyllä 2000 tai keväällä 2001. Kanavasta tai sarjan sisällöstä ei ole vielä tietoa. Lisätietoa täältä.


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